This WWOOF’ing is a pretty good lark, my second hosts run a full time business as well as working towards becoming self sufficient. I was still weeding and digging but it was a different atmosphere, and the home cooked lunches were pretty great. I had to cook for everyone – which was at first a bit daunting but in the end I just did a chilli. It was only OK, I’d forgotten some ingredients during the shopping stage. Being a business we (there was another WWOOF’er there) got to go on one of the visits – to a zoo after hours and we saw a newly born white-top monkey (literally that morning – not yet being shown to the masses). Very cute!
On the weekend I phone the zorbing place yet again and finally they were doing dry zorbing! The family had left to go water-skiing so I locked up the house and was off!!!
After quite a lot of faffing I was strapped in place and ready to off:
Half way down
Safe on the ground
Safe out of the crazy thing

As you can see I actually got some air! Much Kudos – not that I had a great deal of choice. It was a very curious experience, for this first couple of rotations down the hill I could track the surroundings and generally work out what was going on. Then the ball got off axis – so I wasn’t just going heels-over head, there was an increasing amount of sideways rotation too. I quickly lost track of what was going on and everything was a blur. Then a brief moment of weightlessness and quite a bump back to ground. The landing staff were then there and encouraging me to look ‘rad’ for the camera. Getting the pictures involved a heap more faffing and waiting around but happily the picture guy gave me a discount on the advertised price. Possibly because my ‘experience’ was more expensive to start off or possibly because he realised that there weren’t many worthwhile photos (above is about the pick of the bunch but then that’s my opinion:)
So that’s another ticked from my list – surfing, zorbing – what other crazy things may I get upto in New Zealand? You’ll just have to read on 😉