I arrived in Rotorua and checked into a campsite – nothing abnormal about that. The next day I prepared to leave for the zorbing rush I’d been assured was ‘kick-ass’ my van failed to start. In fact it failed to do anything – no dash light even. Complete power failure. I paid for another night at the camp and called the AA – yes I’m that prepared. They came out promptly and much to my relief the problem turned out to be a loose battery connection. One that had been fixed in the past by screwing a self-tapping screw right through the connector and into the terminal. The AA guy tutted and took it out, then tightened it properly with a spanner. It’s never been a problem since.
I was now ready for driving and Zorbing. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t. It was grey and drizzling and generally a bit dull. I decided that I didn’t want to have a ‘kick-ass’ experience without a bit of sunshine to brighten it up – just in case it wasn’t actually that great.
I ended up spending the entire day reading Judus Unchained. I actually got through over half the book. No small feat for a twelve hundred page epic. The following day (we’re talking 25th November here – a Tuesday) I had to leave anyway as I was off to another WWOOF’ing farm, on the way I’d stop in at the zorbing place I decided. So I did… no dry zorbing today.
Let me explain, there are two types of zorbing, the more popular one is where the ball you’re put into has a bit of water added supposedly this makes it more extreme but what it actually does is act as a lubricant so essentially you can sit fairly still as the ball rotates around you. However I didn’t fancy getting wet so I was after the second option where they strap you in and you go flinging all over the place in the same manner that the ball is. Without this option available I decided to go for a walk instead so I could arrive at the appropriate time at the farm.