But before we get too excited perhaps I’d better describe what I’ve actually bought. When I say camper van, that’s not at all like the VW camper-van that we all know and love in the UK. Firstly mine is a Mitsubishi. Secondly I suspect that it started life as a mini-bus type vehicle. So It’s essentially a mini-bus with the seats ripped out and a big bit of board put in for a bed.
I wasn’t too impressed my this arrangement when I first saw it, but I quickly discovered that I don’t have the funds to buy a ‘proper’ camper van. However on the plus side I should be meeting with a carpenter today so we can discuss improvements to the situation. Firstly I’m getting him to move the bed to the front of the space – rather than the back which is where it currently resides. Then we’ll work out a cabinet syste, to hold a cooker and also some kind of lockable under-bed storage. It’ll be quite nice but I probably won’t be able to ‘sleep rough’ or outside of a campsite for more than two or three days.
Plenty of time though 🙂