While I was in Hong Kong airport I decided to use some of my spare time to change the dates of my return flights to the UK. You see when I booked my flights last year the airline computers did not allow bookings far enough in the future for me to get the rough dates I wanted. I was assured by my travel agent that I could change the date for free the first time because of this fact – it is not my fault that they don’t look as far into the future as I do.
That’s the back story.
So there I am at the airline ticketing desk. The woman says that any change to ticket dates incurs a 50 pound fixed penalty. I know the score, at least I think I do, so I try to explain the above situation. I’ll be honest I didn’t do a very good job. The woman still wants fifty pounds to change my flight date, and if I guess incorrectly when I will be wanting to come back I’ll have to pay 50 again!
In a flash of brilliance – or indecision – I ask for a number that I can call from Auckland instead, so that I can make the decision in a less pressured environment. And also have some time to mull over what the situation is (I like making decisions like this).
So I called today, ‘I’d like to change the return date of this flight’ I say ‘OK’ is the response. As simple as that.
Then even better I blurt out ‘Hold on is it possible to change this to an open ticket’… ‘Sure’
Stunningly easy, flabergasted. Now I have an open ticket home that is valid until 1st August 2009. Spot on!!!