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As you have probably noticed, posts are few and far between at the moment. This is mainly because internet access is a rare thing when out of the city and when it is available it’s quite expensive (comparatively so).
But I have a cunning plan. I will continue to write posts when I’m offline and then put the online when I get the chance. I’ve not decided if I’ll back date them or not – I understand that this has the potential of confusing RSS readers. So from here on in you can expect flurries of posts with rather large gaps of silence in between.

I’d love to be able to say now hold on for a heap of posts, but I have yet to put this plan into action.

But before we get too excited perhaps I’d better describe what I’ve actually bought. When I say camper van, that’s not at all like the VW camper-van that we all know and love in the UK. Firstly mine is a Mitsubishi. Secondly I suspect that it started life as a mini-bus type vehicle. So It’s essentially a mini-bus with the seats ripped out and a big bit of board put in for a bed.
I wasn’t too impressed my this arrangement when I first saw it, but I quickly discovered that I don’t have the funds to buy a ‘proper’ camper van. However on the plus side I should be meeting with a carpenter today so we can discuss improvements to the situation. Firstly I’m getting him to move the bed to the front of the space – rather than the back which is where it currently resides. Then we’ll work out a cabinet syste, to hold a cooker and also some kind of lockable under-bed storage. It’ll be quite nice but I probably won’t be able to ‘sleep rough’ or outside of a campsite for more than two or three days.
Plenty of time though 🙂

While I was in Hong Kong airport I decided to use some of my spare time to change the dates of my return flights to the UK. You see when I booked my flights last year the airline computers did not allow bookings far enough in the future for me to get the rough dates I wanted. I was assured by my travel agent that I could change the date for free the first time because of this fact – it is not my fault that they don’t look as far into the future as I do.
That’s the back story.
So there I am at the airline ticketing desk. The woman says that any change to ticket dates incurs a 50 pound fixed penalty. I know the score, at least I think I do, so I try to explain the above situation. I’ll be honest I didn’t do a very good job. The woman still wants fifty pounds to change my flight date, and if I guess incorrectly when I will be wanting to come back I’ll have to pay 50 again!
In a flash of brilliance – or indecision – I ask for a number that I can call from Auckland instead, so that I can make the decision in a less pressured environment. And also have some time to mull over what the situation is (I like making decisions like this).
So I called today, ‘I’d like to change the return date of this flight’ I say ‘OK’ is the response. As simple as that.
Then even better I blurt out ‘Hold on is it possible to change this to an open ticket’… ‘Sure’
Stunningly easy, flabergasted. Now I have an open ticket home that is valid until 1st August 2009. Spot on!!!

I’ve put some more photo’s on flickr for your viewing pleasure. The link is the same as before (slideshow). The may be a bit of repetition at this point and I appologize for this, it’s a first cut of the photos and will probably get trimmed down over time 🙂