OK I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been lazy and slow in getting this up… Sorry.
So As I’ve already metioned, I got a DVD from my master, and he gave me a secret meditation mantra to improve the flow of chi. The rest of the day was fairly standard. Usually on a friday we go into the local town of Taining, book into a hotel, eat fast food and generally be merry. I thought that this Friday was going to be no different.
We were on our way to the usual fast food place, everyone in a group rather than splitting into a few smaller groups. No biggie it’s my birthday. We were going to stop in at a shop that sold ‘proper’ kung fu slippers as a few of the people were interested in getting a pair and wanted to know where the shop was. I was slightly annoyed by this but it was on the way and it was my birthday, so I didn’t want it to get in the way of having a good time.
Arlan led us into a restraunt, ‘that’s weird’ I thought ‘you’re not going to get kung fu slippers in a restraunt’. He led us directly to one of the private rooms, and there was the owner of the school and his wife.
I was smiling massively for about five minutes, I’ve never had a suprise party!
The rest of the evening just went from strength to strength. We had a really great meal, where I ate loads – this is important. Then we went to our usual bar (which happens to be owned by Scott, the owner of the school). Then Scott took us to a club, which we’ve never been to. It was a very cool night with all kinds of crazy things, drinking games, a bouncy dancefloor, pole dancing (by us not professionals). Then we went back to Scotts bar, more dancing chatting and drinking. I went to the internet cafe and made a few drunken skype calls and then fell into bed at about five in the morning.
I had been maintaining that I didn’t want to get drunk and I wanted to eat more than I drank. Thankfully because of the massive meal to start with, I didn’t get too drunk, despite being plied with drinks all night. I didn’t realise just how well the evening came together until we went out this Friday, we tried roughly the same formula, but things just didn’t come together in the same way, people weren’t feeling it and I ended up leaving and going to be quite early. Just makes the memory of my birthday evening that much more special 🙂