I was meditating in one of our classses a few weeks ago and it was commented that butterflys were flying around my head like some kind of cartoon Buddah – I was happpy to dismiss this a being a playful exaduration. However a few days later I was sitting on the bench outside our accomodation reading a book, and a butterfly landed on my hand. It was a big one too, it had a black and yellow striped body, like a wasp and black and bright blue wings. I looked at it for a bit and then decided to shake it off, I’d heard that the blue in the wings was a mild poison and would cause a whole lot of itching.
Then in the same afternoon another butterfly landed on me and chilled out for a while (this one didn’t look poisonous so I left it to leave of it’s own accord). In the same week (I think) I got this picture of one of the local eagles. (Don’t get too excited it only looks this good from some major cropping action).
Eagle 6