A common saying that I’m sure you’re familiar with. Unfortunately it does not apply to speed limits while driving. Not only is ignorance not bliss in this instance it is also, apparently, not an excuse. Which is a real problem as it’s the only excuse I had.
“Officer I was rushing with semi-haste to a dinner reservation” really doesn’t cut any substance (be it mustard or your garnish of choice). Even that would have been a lie seeing as I was going at what I thought was the speed limit… and talking to one of those automated cameras will never get you anywhere anyway.

But fortunately there is a bright side to this, the police have a newly enforced speed awareness course. I can pay what would have been my fine (£60) and take a three hour lesson in how not to speed, thus removing the need to have 3 points added to my licence. Well worth it in my opinion, so thats what I’m doing. Only drawback is that there are no local courses… so I’m having to decide where in England to take it, possibility exists that I’ll have to drive back to Plymouth for it.
As soon as I know the situation I will keep you informed, gentle reader.