Pete said. The unlikeliness of this phrase is ignored as I’m dreaming. The immediate association with the inch worm song (#… sixteen and sixteen is thirty-two…#) is slightly more perplexing. Some vagaries about the Archbishop being a casual World of Warcraft player emerge and the rest of the dream is lost to the oblivion of time.
The fact that I was up far later than anticipated (still ‘only’ 10:45pm) playing the aforementioned game is probably related to the dream in some way. Waking up early in the morning to hear whispering is not. Being slightly (read very) un-alert at the time of half-silly in the morning the possibility of it being contact from a spirit world occurred to me. I’ve been reading Steve and Erin Pavlina’s blogs quite a bit recently, a husband and wife team that are convinced of spirit guides, higher vibrations and all that jazz. Reading compelling accounts by seemingly fairly normal people does raise question with the reality of existence. Of course it could well have been people talking in the street outside. Being very cosy I didn’t get up to check.

This morning was the first morning in a long time that I actually watched my Hi-Fi turn on to wake me up, the longest day is not far away now!!