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Yesterday I did some exercise. Capoeira and breakdancing to be more to the point. This was the first attempt at serious amounts of activity since I became ill. It felt good!! Very invigorating. I’ll probably play badminton on wednesday (played last week too) and leave it at that for this week. My doctor (and everyone really) has advised me to ease back into strenuous workouts and I’m certainly intending to take that advice.

Feeling quite tired today but thats mainly because it took me ages to get to sleep last night (what with all the unexpected movment and whatnot).

I do however feel much much better, more like my old self. Perhaps even better than my old self, which is a pleasent supprise.
When more details of the previous few weeks emerge (working on some post which’ll hopefully be out in the next few days) you’ll understand why that’s such a pleasent supprise.

Life is good!!

This has to be the future of computer interactions. Download the video and watch it. I Don’t mind admiting that there was a tear of techno joy in my eye the first time I watched it !!

Two months T-total.
Thats what I’m going to do, from yesterday.

This may not seem like much of a challenge, and if I weren’t socialising at all it would be easy. But the fact is that I’m very much a social drinker and it’s starting to concern me. So two months with no alcohol of any kind. There are at least two major house parties that’ll be happening in that time, these will really be the test. I hope I can do it, I don’t want to consider myself to be a social alcoholic (if there is such a thing).

After the two months is up, well perhaps I’ll have realised that there is no need for alcohol at all. Or perhaps I’ll just find it a lot easier to drink in moderation. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

On a different note I’ve been considering shaving my head. I need a haircut but they are so damn expensive. Also, although I’ve always said that I think a shaved head wouldn’t suit me, I can’t help but be curious to know if I’m right.
Photo’s will definately exist if I decide to go ahead with it (Dave’s ordered some clippers from ebay for himself so they’ll be easily accessible).

Or to be more acurate glandular fever stops just about everything.

Yes, gentle reader, my previous post was in error. I have had a relapse, or something like that. Been pretty ill with cold and cough and general tiredness. Fortunately I’m on the mend now and will be a lot more careful about picking up my usual activity levels than last time!

For those of you that have been looking at the progress on my new design, well there has been none. But I have added several new pictures to my gallery. This is really something I need to get, thumbnails of new shots on the front page, no-one really seems to notice the gallery :(.

Anyway, I’m still here, getting better. Post frequency should pick up to match.

Been feeling a bit tired recently. It occured to me (and has been suggested) that perhaps this is caused by a relapse or continuing illness caused by the glandular fever.
However there are some other extremely good reasons why I’m feeling a bit tired, I’ll recount the activities of the last few days to give you a picture:
Thursday: Get up as normal at 7, Normal day at work, my turn to drive (car sharing). Get home, eat, to capoeira. Two hours of excercise, a few drinks at the pub and a chat, get home, some things need sorting for the following day so I get to bed at about 1ish.

Friday: Day off, but that certainly doesn’t mean restful. Get up at 8:30, sort out Row’s birthday present, into town then train to London. Meet with Row and go for lunch, chat and general London shopping-ness. This is all good. Get back at about 5:30, pack bags at 6ish and leave for Loughborough. Traffic is bad so I don’t get there until about 9:30. Eat tasty food, then out on the town until late. Back home and to bed for 3:30ish.

Saturday: Up at about 8:30 again, damn body clock. Chatting wandering and eating somehow take up most of the day. Late afternoon and it’s off to the cinema to watch Munich (good film). Get back, out on the town again. Definately in bed before 4 but no idea how much before 4.

Sunday: Wake at 8ish but manage with much waiting to sleep again until about 10:30. Get up. There then follows a roughly 4 hour brainstorming session to help Sozu with some software design. This is great fun, designing good software with good friends feels good… Actually programming it is a different matter I’m sure. Late lunch with many many friends, lots of laughter and good fun. Leave at 7:30ish but traffic isn’t great on the way back either. Back to Guildford by 10. Have to prepare for the following day at work (sandwiches shower etc.) get to bed at about 11:30.

Monday: Up at 7…. I’m knackered.

So there it is, the crazy life of Rob… I need more sleep.


It’s been a while since I posted anything, been busy (usual excuse!).
I’ve decided that I really, really should try and get my ass in gear and actually apply some kind of design to this site. To this end I’ve added the ‘Themes’ to the menu bar. This way you, the happy reader can see how far I have or haven’t got on the site redesign.

At the moment the ‘Development’ theme is the same as the original classic wordpress theme. You can expect it to be like this for some time. Still, I’m hoping the fact that anyone can see how little progress I’ve made and generally poke me, will give me some much needed incentive!

Note: Be aware that looking at a different theme using the switcher sets a cookie on your machine, it will continue to show you that theme until you select a different theme.