Yesterday I did some exercise. Capoeira and breakdancing to be more to the point. This was the first attempt at serious amounts of activity since I became ill. It felt good!! Very invigorating. I’ll probably play badminton on wednesday (played last week too) and leave it at that for this week. My doctor (and everyone really) has advised me to ease back into strenuous workouts and I’m certainly intending to take that advice.

Feeling quite tired today but thats mainly because it took me ages to get to sleep last night (what with all the unexpected movment and whatnot).

I do however feel much much better, more like my old self. Perhaps even better than my old self, which is a pleasent supprise.
When more details of the previous few weeks emerge (working on some post which’ll hopefully be out in the next few days) you’ll understand why that’s such a pleasent supprise.

Life is good!!