Been feeling a bit tired recently. It occured to me (and has been suggested) that perhaps this is caused by a relapse or continuing illness caused by the glandular fever.
However there are some other extremely good reasons why I’m feeling a bit tired, I’ll recount the activities of the last few days to give you a picture:
Thursday: Get up as normal at 7, Normal day at work, my turn to drive (car sharing). Get home, eat, to capoeira. Two hours of excercise, a few drinks at the pub and a chat, get home, some things need sorting for the following day so I get to bed at about 1ish.

Friday: Day off, but that certainly doesn’t mean restful. Get up at 8:30, sort out Row’s birthday present, into town then train to London. Meet with Row and go for lunch, chat and general London shopping-ness. This is all good. Get back at about 5:30, pack bags at 6ish and leave for Loughborough. Traffic is bad so I don’t get there until about 9:30. Eat tasty food, then out on the town until late. Back home and to bed for 3:30ish.

Saturday: Up at about 8:30 again, damn body clock. Chatting wandering and eating somehow take up most of the day. Late afternoon and it’s off to the cinema to watch Munich (good film). Get back, out on the town again. Definately in bed before 4 but no idea how much before 4.

Sunday: Wake at 8ish but manage with much waiting to sleep again until about 10:30. Get up. There then follows a roughly 4 hour brainstorming session to help Sozu with some software design. This is great fun, designing good software with good friends feels good… Actually programming it is a different matter I’m sure. Late lunch with many many friends, lots of laughter and good fun. Leave at 7:30ish but traffic isn’t great on the way back either. Back to Guildford by 10. Have to prepare for the following day at work (sandwiches shower etc.) get to bed at about 11:30.

Monday: Up at 7…. I’m knackered.

So there it is, the crazy life of Rob… I need more sleep.