Well I’ve just worked out that last month I spent over £100 more than I earned.
This is not a good thing, especially as I’m trying to SAVE money to get rid of my overdraft. However, here are some very good reasons why I had to spend so much money:
Due to a mix-up, I had to pay council tax twice, £120 a pop.
I unexpectedly had to pay £100 to get the front headlight of my car replaced.
I shelled out £95 for Capoeira and breakdancing, this will keep me going for the next two months.

Here are some very good reasons I DIDN’T have to spend that much money:
I am now the proud owner of all three series of ‘The fast show’ (£35)
I withdrew £150 in cash (which basically means I spent £150 on going out).
Council Tax sucks

So this month I may have to be super stingy, I’m thinking withdraw £80 at the beginning of the month, then that’s my doing out fund for the entire month. No DVD’s and pretty much no buying of anything I don’t REALLY need. Although I would like to have a guitar lesson and get an electric this coming month…

Thats all really.