Last week I had what was probably the strangest dream I’ve ever remembered. So I thought I’d share it with you to prove my sanity, or not.

I’ll skip the beginning bits because they’re a bit hazy and probably related to World of Warcraft, albeit remotely. I’ll jump in…. here:
… I was looking for Pete and I found him, a serial rapist was beating him up by punching the soles of his feet. How I knew it was a serial rapist I’m not sure. Mind reading may well have been involved and the number of sixteen women sticks in my head.
So, I stop this guy from beating up Pete somehow, bit fuzzy on the mechanics of that, andpunish him (for the raping I’m assuming). Apparently this punishment involved giving him terminal bowel cancer. Using some kind of magic it seems. According to my knowledgable dream self, this is the most painful way to die.
This however didn’t seem to be quite enough to sate my desire for justice. So I then proceded, using ‘magic’ again I suppose, to transform this rapist into a transparent radio cassette player filled with instant coffee. To finish him off I then boiled the coffee, under pressure, while playing bad music very loudly through the guy.

Then I woke up.

And I think that’s the kind of tough justice that perhaps rapists need in modern society, you don’t see enough criminals getting transformed into inanimate objects using speculative magic.