I never really got the hang of baths and a long time ago I simply gave up on them. However I’ve been forced to re-address ‘bathing’ as our shower has broken.
One of the main problems I’ve had with baths in the past is that I don’t have the patience to let it fill up to a ‘reasonable’ level. So previous experiences have involved sitting in ankle deep water wondering what all the fuss is about. Yesterday I decided to get round this problem by leaving the bath running and doing a few chores and chatting to my housemates.

Things were already looking much better, the bath filled to a decent level in what seemed to be no time at all. Bubbles everywhere as I had the foresight to get some bubble bath on my way home from work.
I was determined that this bath was going to be different, and I would finally ‘get’ why so many people enjoy them.

I take you back to yesterday evenings events:
I climb in and sit down. The temperature is pleasent, but after about five seconds I can’t help but wonder ‘how does this get me clean?’ I try the usual washing actions but somehow it doesn’t seem like enough. I lie down and ponder for a while. This is quite relaxing and I begin to get an idea of the ‘point’ of baths.
I can’t relax for long though, there’s only one bathroom in the house and I have things to do. With a sigh I reach for the familiarity of the shower gel and wash.
Now I’m clean and the water is murky, I can’t wait to get out.

So after this experience; my opinion of baths?

Well I think they are more for relaxing if you want/have some time for yourself. If you want to get clean, use a shower.

Or buy a sponge.