It’s not immediately after the DSEi but it is after. So here is the story of yesterday:
Arriving on the docklands light railway to the ExCeL exibition I was surrounded by serious looking people in suits. As we got off the train, a passenger on the train at the platform opposite shouted ‘YOUR WORK IS DEATH’ just as the doors on his carrige closed. There was an incredible police and security presence and that was all I saw of protesters all day. In the queue to go through the four levels of security checks, there was a banner advertising sniper bullets. It had a picture of a beer mat that had been shot four times at a distance of 1.2km. Seems the protester on the train was right!
So I wandered round the excibition for the rest of the day, checking out the competition and looking at pistols, knives, sub-machine guns, mortars, grenades, millitary swords, sniper rifles, cruise missiles, remote controlled mounted machine guns, all kinds of vehicles and many other weapons. Death certainly was the order of the day. There was some very cool communication and intergration technology on display too, which I really enjoyed looking at. I also got to heaft a sub-machine gun on the Heckler and Kosh stand, it was heavier that I was expecting!

The people there were almost as interesting as the stands, millitary looking people from all areas, Pakistan, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, to name but a few. People in uniforms too, navy, army, police and ambulance. All in all it was a combination of very cool and slightly scary.

The food wasn’t great either.