Films have many amazing effects these days, but there are two (as of today) that are causing me concern.
The first one is people falling down the stairs. Now I’m lucky enough to have never actually fallen down the stairs myself, I don’t know anyone that has and I’ve never even been told first hand of someone that has. So my problem is: how dangerous is falling down the stairs???
The movie portrayal of it can vary wildly from being a bit of a cheap laugh to instant death. This bothers me, and has done for some time, but has never stuck me as being enough to warrent a post all of its own. Which of course brings me to…

The second, this is nose bleeds. Not the protrayal in this case, but the exection. How do they actually do it! There stands actor/actress (obviously they can be sitting or lying too), and then, a small trickle of ‘blood’ comes out of their nose. I can quite easily imagine that in some cases this effect is acheived by doing a close-up of a fake nose and then everything becomes easy. The thing that bothers me is when it’s not a close-up, I really can’t imagine that the actor/actress has tubing going up their nose. Do they just get some fake blood up their nose somehow and then quickly yell ‘action’ before it starts to dribble out again? Do the method actors go to the extreme of getting high blood pressure and taking up heroine to weaken the inner walls of their nose sufficiently so that they can have a nose blood ‘on cue’?
No, the problem is flummoxing me to the extreme and the more I think about it, the more I want to delve into the problem.
If you know how these are done, please sate my curiousity before I get angsty.