Well it had to happen eventually. Both my writting about it and the actual event itself I suppose.
I have to admit that hearing about the terrorist attacks in London was quite a strange experience for me, at the time it just seemed slightly surreal and that was about it. The reality of the event was not really at that moving for me, people die all the time and harsh as it may sound, I treated this event in the same way that I treat many world problems: Mild indifference.

Then however, a change occured, on my way home from work. Instead of listening my my usual musicall selection I was listening to radio 4. The descriptions of the seemingly smooth operation of the emergency sevices plans for such events stired something in me. A sense of pride I suspect. National pride. At the way the British people coped with the explosions.

That was what moved me, not the horror of the event itself but the reaction to the event by the people involved in the event. This is, I think, the first time that a major historical event has occured and the internet has been a major source of information (for me anyway). Of course there are all the usual news sites and they are pretty much the same as reading the paper or watching the news, only quicker. But add to that the more personal accounts, un-edited and bluntly frank in their accounts, these blog entries were a totally different way off looking at the event.
This is an excellent example, so good infact that I found it through the bbc news website. Reading it you get a brief glimpse into the atmosphere of the blitz, or more specifically ‘the blitz spirit’.
Some excellent quotes from this account (in my opinion) I have coppied here, although I would strongly recommend you read the whole thing yourself.

Silence decended on the carriage apart from people choking and coughing, then someone near me quipped, “Well, at least we got the Olympics!”

I called work, told them my train had exploded and said I was covered in all this black, icky stuff, so I was going home to get a bath. They said, “So we’ll see you around lunchtime, then?” Yeah. Right.