Well as you can imagine I’m quite busy in my new job, getting to know people and code and systems and whatnot.
Appologies for not updating but as I said, my home computer is dead. Plans are already well underway to replace it (with a desktop this time) but they won’t be put into action until the girls I live with move out and I move into a larger room. Hopefully this should happen in about 2-3 weeks.

Any worries that my job would be a sedentry desk job have been laid to waste by this simple fact. My coding/compiling computer is upstairs, and the target that runs the code is downstairs. For all the non-coders out there this means that to make the slightest change to the code I have to go upstairs, change the code, then go back downstairs and re-test it.
Even if this means changing a 5 to a 4, a flight of stairs will be involved.

So everythings going well, I do plan to continue the holiday recounting, but probably after I’ve got my computer sorted out.