Stupid online shopping.

I suppose I have myself to blame, the fact that I know my credit card number off-by-heart pretty much nullifies the cunning and clever leave-it-at-home-anti-spending-plan. I said ‘off-by-heart’ on purpose, because memorised implies intent and I honestly didn’t set out to learn my credit card details for internet shopping…

So I guess I’ll have to take my photography a bit more seriously.
Why you ask?
Well yesterday in a fit of enthusiasm for the upcoming move to a bigger room in the house (August), I was doing a bit of research into the prospect of getting a new computer to celebrate the existance of a desk. Doing the build in stages seems to be a good idea purely from a financial point of view. Although this does mean that at some point during the process I’ll have a swanky new case with nothing in it, but thats beside the point.

The first stage of the process I logically decided would be to get a decent screen, this can be used on my laptop until the rest of the new machine is complete. And well if I’m going to get a new monitor I may as well look into the price of those calibration doo-dars.
Whats that, they’re how much… well in that case…

Before you know it, the order is placed for a Spyder 2 monitor calibration device. It has yet to arrive, or even be dispatched. If there is anyone in the Guildford area that wants an ICC profile for their monitor (windows 2000 or XP only)… tenner a go.

At some point in the future I may even get round to adding a contact page to this site so you can actually email me with interest.