Well yesterday it came to that time where I had to leave Plymouth and get the train back home. So as usual my Dad gave me a lift to the station for the 16:40 to London Paddington. Unfortunately the train didn’t exist, ‘due to planned engineering works’. Even more of a pain, the next train took five and a half hours to get upto Guildford!!
This would have resulted in me getting in so late that I would probably be unable to get up for work, or at the very leaast I’d be so incredably tired that I’d be next to useless at work.
Seeing as I’d had a really relaxing time over the weekend and am feeling much better for the food and sleep gained from this weekend I didn’t want to ‘kill’ it all by missing loads of sleep last night.
So I’ve had to take the day off and I’m travelling back today.

Some of the more cynical Britons out there would start to make disparaging comments about the british public transport system. Personally I’m not so sure. It is deffinately true that it was in a terrible state several years ago, but from my limited experience I’d say that its getting a lot better.