For a long time now I’ve been involved, in the loosest sense of the word, with a photography forum started and hosted by Denyerec.
A topic that has come up in the past is the equipment carried on a standard photography mission. It soon became apparent and has been pointed out to me by the other members that I take too much stuff with me, a partial contributor to my lack of photo expiditions.
Here is a list of items usually found about my person when going out to take photos:

  • 1x D70 camera body
  • 1x 60mm Macro lens F2.8
  • 1x 18-70mm Zoom lens F3.8-4.8
  • 1x Ironing board
  • 1x Lens cloth
  • 1x Leaf blower (medium)
  • 1x compass
  • 1x Water mellon (ripe)
  • 1x Road atlas of southern France
  • 2x Kendal mint cake
  • 1x Tub of margarine
  • 1x Armadillo trap
  • 1x Eager scouts disguise kit (with moustache extras)

And the list goes on…
I think I need to put a bit more thought into what is actually required.