I woke the morning with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground. Yes, like most people I enjoy a good stretch before I get up.

As I was brushing my teeth the idea for the character ‘Bob the seedy macgician’ came to me in the form of this sketch: (btw if this makes little sense it’s the first time I’ve tried to write something like this)

Scene: Bob is chatting to a woman, trying to chat her up. Location: Largely unimportant, lets say the middle of an empty field for the possible comic value
Bob: So do you come here often?
Woman: All the time, I love it here.
Bob: I’m a magician you know
Woman: Really?
Bob: Yes
Woman: Wow tell me you secrets
Bob: Well a real magician can’t, but the main secret is misdirection. For example take a look over there points over her shoulder, a direction that would involve her turning so Bob will be completely out of her sight
Woman (still looking at Bob): Well thats not very clever why would I fall for that?
Bob: Just indulge me, you wanted to see how its done after all
Woman (looking unimpressed): Oh Ok
Woman turns round, after a breif look at nothing turns back
Woman: Well thats (just)…
She stops and stares in astonishment as Bob is now sitting in an armchair
Woman: My god thats amazing! How did you do that
Bob (smiles): It’s good that you’re impressed by things appearing as if from nowhere. For my next trick I need you to sit here.
Bob pats his lap and looks up suggestively

So yeah maybe its not so good when it takes that much explaining but it did make me smile around my toothbrush this morning. Maybe without the back story? More like:
Look away.
Bam! A chair
For my next trick…