… thankyou please come again. Pretty much sums up the business of being an osteopath.

Yes I’ve visited an osteopath, my offended back didn’t fix itself. At least not all the way, so I decided something needed to be done!
Yesterday I had to take the afternoon off work and spend an hour being examined, cracked, and then rounded off with electric shocks… No it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it certainly felt pretty damn weird. Like a twitching. Apparently its better than a massage at reaching the deeper muscles and where the muscles attach to the bone.
To be honest I was quite disappointed to find I wasn’t getting a massage. In the same way that I was disappointed to find that the problem wasn’t magically fixed (Shazam! justlikethat). Apparently there were all kinds of mis-alighments going on and he needs to see me again next week to see if the ‘manipulations’ have held.
So that’ll be another £70…

Damn I hope I don’t need to many of these sessions, it could skint me. Especially seeing as I’ve just paided for a skiing holiday in March and have to pay my credit card off for the purchase of a nikon D70….

Quite frankly slightly worried.