Well for quite a while now Amy over at contentious has been banging on about how great Furl is.
First time I looked at it and what it did I was sceptical and so didn’t bother with it, same the second time. But now I’ve actually managed to find out a bit more about it, by actually reading a bit more of the site, I’m well impressed.
The basic idea seems to be that you can save a bookmark in an online archive, rather than in your bookmarks. Well why on earth would you want to do that I hear you cry, well for me its really rather cool.
Imagine it you will that its nearing the end of my tea break, I don’t have enough time to blog but I’ve just come across an interesting article or link or something that has triggered an idea for a blog.
What do I do?
Well I used to have to bookmark it or email the link and hope that the spark of creativity would remain until I next had time to blog (can be quite a while as you may have noticed). But no, with Furl, I just click a button in my toolbar, the link is added to my online archive under a category, and along with any notes I may wish to add, ready for access.
Another thing that makes it rather useful is that you can see what other people are adding to their archives, which seems like it could be a good source of inspiration πŸ™‚

A list of good freeware alternatives to commonly pirated software is a good example πŸ™‚

Verdict so far:
Could be good !