Reading an interesting article on burning birds site about blogging popularity got me to thinking about the popularity of my site, which isn’t all that great.
Not that I’m complaining, not in the slightest. When I first started out (yep all 2 months ago) I went on a bit of a rampage getting my blog on all the pinging lists and whatnot… however, now that I’ve calmed down from the initial excitement I must admit that I’d rather get my content to a level of quality that I’m happy with before shouting from the rooftops again. (and yes that includes my spelling mistakes)
There have been some interesting comments about link exchanging on blog sites and I generally have this attitude:
I’ll link to what I think is good, and I expect others to do the same, being linked to on someones site ‘just because I’m linking them’ seems really stupid to me.
Which is why I’ve yet to inform the blogs that I link to about my existance. Like I said before, I’d rather get the quality and identity of this blog sorted out before telling people about it.
Life’s not always a popularity contest, and if it is then being popular for the ‘right’ reasons will always give you a better feeling and stronger friendships/relationships.

… wow I feel a bit like a cheesy childrens cartoon ending with a good moral comment like that 😀