Things are no different, although I am a bit tired after about five days of celebration and maddness, culminating today in tiding the house…. yeah ok maybe not your average birthday celebration but we’ve got an inspection by the landlord tomorrow so it had to be done.
It was definately great to see everyone again, I think this has been the biggest gathering of my friends for any of my birthdays (since people started gathering for that kind of thing) the DVD player that my parents ordered me arrived via the Sam/Jim courier service which made up for comet delivering to the wrong address. And that works fine although I did have a bit of a moment when I had to look at the manual… I’d foolishly set the video output mode to one that the TV here can’t handle, thus giving a blank screen, thankfully there was a simple way of reseting it.
Well I think I’m going to settle down and watch a really cheesy film on the TV now, just what the doctor ordered to recover and relax šŸ˜‰