Its strange, I can look at a website (and I look at a fair few), and I can see when a design is good or when its bad, if I take a bit of time I can usually also decide if the layout flows nicely or the colours go together.
But for some reason I don’t seem to be able to ‘do’ these things, admittedly I’ve not put a huge amount of effort into the design of this site. Quite probably for the simple reason that if I did it wouldn’t look all that much better.
I’d like to think that these things get better with practice, and perhaps they do. Until that time though, I think I will just stick with stealing ideas from other people (without shame) and using my trusty colour wheel program to help pick colours that actually go with each other.

Which reminds me I need to take a screenshot of this design, so hopefully in two years time I can look back and say ‘geez was a really that poor at designing back then?’
I can hope πŸ™‚
Although it is a LOT better than some sites out there πŸ™‚