I mentioned, not so long ago that I was having a big think about my life direction and that I’d made some decisions. Well I was a bit secretive about it simply because I was blogging during my lunch break at work, and I felt it would be a bit rude to write about wanting to find a new job.
Which is what I’m hoping to do, and if things work in my favour it will be much closer to home so that I don’t have to commute.
I’ve been meaning to blog about this from home earlier but I felt that actions speak louder than words, and unfortunately up until this evening my words have been saying ‘start look for a new job’ but my actions have been saying ‘watch TV’.
I had a good plan of attack, get my CV upto date by this weekend and then take it down to a recruitment agency on saturday. Unfortunately I don’t have a printer.
I thought of using the printer at work. I will have to let my boss know about the plan at some point, its only polite. Plus he’ll be one of my references. 🙂
Also it seems that my CV may need more work than I first thought, if I want it to be as impressive as possible. Without lying of course, I’ve never lied trying for a job and I don’t intend to start now!
Will keep the whole situation posted 😉