The blogging absence of the last few days was caused by a trip to Cambridge, a house party and a sudden but temporary urge to get away from technology.
I have now returned to my cosy little house in Guildford feeling tired and slightly ill but actually quite good overall.

There are an awful lot of people getting here searching for information about the Ilford receivership, this made me feel slightly guilty so I decided to find out more information.
The financial times has an article about it, but you have to pay to look at it so I’ve got no idea what it says.
BBC news now has a story about it (after me I might add :D) [link].
For those that really can’t be bothered to follow the link, here is a synopsis:
Ilford is 125 years old, it has debts of over £40 million (mentioned in my last ilford post) The major problem seems to be the film making section of the company which is based in Cheshire. There is a Swiss section of the company which will stay as it is due to being in the profitable market of dyes for inkjet printers.
Black and white film sales have fallen by and average of 11% per year for the last three years.