Ever since I put black and white film in my camera I’ve been kinda scared to use it… isn’t that silly?!
I think the main reason for this is that I associate B&W photos with a level of artistic-ness that I just don’t have.
In an attempt to get some ideas/confidence I bought a B&W photo magazine (was also facing a long train journey to somewhere), there were an awful lot of very interesting things in there, including information about photo holidays !
I’d love to go on one but they’re damn expensive.

There was also some info on ‘toy’ cameras, and how with a plastic lens camera costing less than £30 its possible to take some fairly decent ‘artsy’ photos…
for a short while I was very enthused (didn’t actually take any pictures but hey) and thought about getting a toy type camera for myself.

…… but then the realisation slowly dawned on me; It doesn’t matter what equipment you have or haven’t got, its not going to improve your photographic talent. I should stick with my current camera as its not holding me back in any way, and probably won’t for a long time.
What I really need to do is get properly familiar with my camera, so that I can bang off photos with it without really having to think (its a proper manual job – FYI).

A poor workman blames his tools, to an extent.