Well I’ve been blogging for long enough for the novelty to have started to wear off, don’t worry though it doesn’t mean that I’ll be stopping or anything. It just means that I’ll be trying to be a bit more selective about what I blog about.
I do have several good ideas for ‘mini’ articles but they will involve varying amounts of net research and my enthusiasm for random net research can fluctuate wildly, and will sometimes involve things that I have no intention of blogging about (music theory for example).
I think I will try and blog slightly more about what I am thinking rather than what I’m doing, as I think that what I am doing is fairly normal and therefore not all that interesting.
Opinions and thoughts on the other hand can be far more interesting or controversial ! πŸ™‚

I am also hoping that getting back into the habit of going to the gym will increase my brain power, or make it more positive. I will definately go a join tonight…yeah.
On a completely separate subject I read this about American culture (its kinda satire I think) and I realised how little difference there is between the British and the Americans (more commonly know as ‘us and them’ :P).

Think I’ll watch spiderman 2 this evening so expect some kinda comment on that later…. perhaps even an opinion !! :O