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I just did a search on google for Random task. BOO-YA, this site is top of the list!
Amusingly though, the snippets of the site presented to the searcher are as follows:

Random Task. Robs Randomness exposed … which, if previous experience is anything to go by, is a very bad sign.

Personally I found that quite funny 😀

Well the upgrade to wordpress 1.5.1 seems to have gone ridiculously smoothly. There was a sudden heart-stopping moment after I’d set the upload to overwrite everything, when I thought that my config file would now disappear.
Fortunately the wordpress developers are very clever. You see, instead of having a config file in the install package, they have an example config file that you have to rename as part of the installation process. Thus meaning that a direct overwrite of wordpress installs does not overwrite your configuration. Genius.

Also the new themes system means that I don’t have to worry about the style of the site changing either!!

Wahoo, I’ve now got more posts on my website that Denyerec. It was not that long ago that I noticed I was kinda catching up with his perma-link post id numbering (the number of the post). So I decided that it would be great to beat him.
It this a stupid boyish competition to enter into?
Well yes of course it is, especially if you take into account the fact that Denyer was blissfully ignorant of the contest.

You could say this makes the whole thing pretty unfair. So what, if your still reading then you’ve been enjoying my posts.

So there.

Well as you can see things are a bit different round here. The upgrade to wordpress 1.5 went smoothly, which was a relief seeing as part of the upgrade process involved deleting EVERYTHING.
You’ll have to get used to this new look for the next few weeks, as I’ve decided to re-design to celebrate the new wordpress version.

This is a good idea as the theme-tastic nature of 1.5 means that it would take me a while to transfer my old (inferior) design anyway.
So enjoy the spangly nature of the site, I am finding it quite exciting!

Wiki wiki is hawian for really quick, in my case it wasn’t.
My wiki is now functioning, although seeing as it took me 7 months to actually get round to getting it sorted quick is not really the word to describe it!

I’ll put a link to the Wiki on the front page after I upgrade to wordpress 1.5 (seeing as there are changes to the style layout). So don’t go holding your breath, although you can of course use the link above until then.

It is at the moment, completely blank, the only content is that which comes with the default install. I’ve forgotten my original motivation for putting one up. I suspect it was just to see if I could get it working.
Anyway, add to it as much as you like. As long as it’s not spam.

One idea I had was a collaboration on some kind of fiction, sounds like an interesting idea and to my (limited) knowledge hasn’t been done by anyone else yet.

[EDIT]:For those that don’t know, a wiki is collection of web pages that anyone can edit. All you need to do is sign up and have a go!

WordPress 1.5 is out, and the features list looks fantastic. I don’t have the time to spend updating and making sure that everything still works right now. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted some time next week.

This is largely irrelevant to most of you but when I do upgrade, hopefully it’ll reduce the amount of spam I have to contend with 🙂

Well I thought it would happen eventually, spammers have found a way through, by using trackback to hit my comments section. I am still completely flumoxed as to why anyone feels the need to try and advertise in the comments of old posts on my website. Seeing as a) they get moderated and deleted before anyone sees them, and b) They advertise sites that don’t exist. c) My readers, (thats you, you happy happy person) don’t give a flying toss about poker and the sites that offer it.

Spammers are stupid and we should throw stones at them.

Today, someone added a comment to my blog.

Not a spectacularly exciting event you may say. This comment however was by someone I don’t know. And it was relevent to the post. It was not spam!!!

Wow, I felt pretty excited when that happened, perhaps my blog is entering a new stage of existence!

I have had a bash at re-organising the categories on this blog, as I often have problems sticking to them or deciding which ones suit what I’m writing about.
So I’ve tried to have a bit of a re-think, mainly involving deleting some pointless categories.

I’m thinking about adding a philosophy category, although my thoughts aren’t quite cohesive enough on the subject to be shared with the general populous just yet. And I’m still doing a lot of reading on the subject.

When my thoughts do start to make some kind of sense you may get such exciting sounding article as ‘The Government vs. Organised Religion’, or ‘Live before you die’. Something which sounds either obvious or idealistic but in both cases is actually hard to fully carry out.

More accurately perhaps, worry less, blog more.
I’m beginning to realise that worry can be the self imposed straight jacket to action. You can quote me on that I quite like it.
Taking it a bit further than perhaps paranoia is the wife beating father of insanity… Yeah, maybe don’t quote me on that one, I have probably taken the metaphor and other long words a bit far.

Pete has made a damn good point in his comment on 2005 – The year of Rob: more blogging is good, and if its crap blogging, well tell me in the comments, that is what they are there for (not for spam… but we’ve sorted that out).

So; 2005 the year of blogging, back to the enthusiasm of the early days.