Wiki wiki is hawian for really quick, in my case it wasn’t.
My wiki is now functioning, although seeing as it took me 7 months to actually get round to getting it sorted quick is not really the word to describe it!

I’ll put a link to the Wiki on the front page after I upgrade to wordpress 1.5 (seeing as there are changes to the style layout). So don’t go holding your breath, although you can of course use the link above until then.

It is at the moment, completely blank, the only content is that which comes with the default install. I’ve forgotten my original motivation for putting one up. I suspect it was just to see if I could get it working.
Anyway, add to it as much as you like. As long as it’s not spam.

One idea I had was a collaboration on some kind of fiction, sounds like an interesting idea and to my (limited) knowledge hasn’t been done by anyone else yet.

[EDIT]:For those that don’t know, a wiki is collection of web pages that anyone can edit. All you need to do is sign up and have a go!