Would you believe that my recent lack of posts has been caused by me going on a few courses and have now become a competent mountaineer?
On top of a mountain

Of course you wouldn’t, I’m not crazy! I went on a glacier scenic flight with snow landing. I had already been considering going on a glacier walk, but I’d been doing quite a lot of walking at the time and it sounded like a lot of effort with no photographic guarantee at the end. I had seen lots of places offering glacier flights and was curious to see how much they cost, if it was cheap enough I think about it.
This idea was still rolling around my head when I stopped off for a toilet break at a rest stop on my way south towards the famous glaciers on the west coast. The rest stop just so happened to also be the launch site for a glacier flight! Before I even had a chance to get out of my van I was approached by a sales guy or owner or whatever he was. In a sotto voice he explained that he already had two Americans that wanted to go up but he needed more people on the flight to make it worth it. In order to help sway me he was willing to ‘do me a deal’, $100 off and ‘keep it to yourself’ – something he must have told me at least seven times. I took the deal and kept it to myself, to be honest it didn’t come up in conversation. Much later in my travels I saw the prices some other places were offering and was satisfied that I’d made a good decision.
Some of the pictures:
Mountain view
River view