When you find yourself thinking ‘I can’t drink any more water today, it’s too expensive’ you know that you’ve been too restrictive with you budget. Running out of money I’d decided that I should be able to live on about $100 a week (roughly 40 pounds a day). So I stopped driving around so much (diesel is expensive!) and tried to live in my van as much as possible. However I had to go to campsites every few days for a shower, to do laundry and to refil my drinking water bottles. Although this travel-less travel plan did result in some more photography action –
Me + Artistic intention = cliché
-it quickly became obvious that it was an unworkable plan. Initially I changed plan completely, travel a lot and get a job when the money runs out. This seemed like a good idea until it came to getting a job – I had no luck finding picking jobs for only two weeks (not too keen on other temp type jobs). Fortunately for me my Grandads unexpected Christmas generosity means that I don’t have to worry about money so much anymore. I still plan to try and get a picking job when I return to the north island. Either that or spend a few weeks working on a farm, it doesn’t pay but it doesn’t cost either 🙂