Well I was warned in the guide book, there are not many net cafes in Hong Kong because almost everyone has internet access. Fortunately I finally stumbled across one so life is good!
Beijing was good and quite a busy time for me. Hong Kong has been slightly less manic. I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of walking about the place, trying to shop and such. I’ve come to the realisation that there isn’t any well know touristy stuff to do here. Come to Hong Kong and see…. the skyline? Well that takes all of five minutes. And I’m not going to Disney Land Hong Kong either that’s for sure.
I have been tempted to buy a laptop, but the global recession has reduced the exchange rate to a point where the prices just don’t seem like such a steal as I’m sure they could have. Probably for the best I’m guessing.
I’m definately getting the most out of the very comfortable bed in the hotel, having three months of hard Chinese beds and something with a bit of give is very welcome. Also the shops here don’t open until 10 so having a lie in is pretty much demanded.