Last Sunday we decided to climb the nearby mountain. Simple, easy. Or not. I’m still not quite back to being at 100% fitness. Although this is mainly because I injured my foot. I’m not entirely sure how, it’s the tendon (or ligament) that connects to my big toe. I’m not even sure how I hurt it – the best explination I have is that my shoe was too tight. It was a good long walk. There has been a lot of speculation about how far it actually was. Estimate are: 13 miles up (making a 26 mile round trip) 44 km round trip (27.5 miles) or nine hours of walking at an average speed of roughly 4 miles an hour (36 miles). Any way you look at it, it was a damn long walk!
The most exciting moment would be a toss up between just getting back in time for dinner and being charged by a scared cow (picture to follow). I think either way it was a bonding experience for us all.