When I first arrived I thought that I was getting some pretty damn good training. I’m being taught by a 3rd level diciple of Sun style Tai Chi, Bagua and something else (I’ll edit if I remember). There are only five 3rd level masters in the world as the guy that invented Sun style only taught his daughter, and his daughter taught five people, one of which was Dung, who is my master. This is the story anyway, not to sure if it’s all true. So I’m getting some damn good training.
Then at the beginning of this week we got a new translator, who is much much better than the last one. Now Dung is able to tell us a completely new level of detail about the history, theory and philosophy behind the Sun style and Tao in general. Which is fascinating and awesome. The moment he started getting into these details I thought ‘Three months is never going to be enough!’
Now yesterday he told us that he’s going to be much more strict about the moves, which kicks everything up a gear again. I’m liking it though, it forces me to try and rise to the challenge and put my best in. It’s all pretty kickass.

Rumour also has it that Sun style is what Jet Li uses, but I really want to check that out before I start banding it about as fact.