Yep, my departure from the currently very wet and chilly Plymouth retreat can be measure in hours. As the day of departure looms I increasingly get asked if I’m excited, scared, nervous or any other host of leaving emotions. Truth be told I’m not really feeling anything. I have a lists, a list of things I need to do and a list of that must be packed. I’m working through these lists and making sure that I complete everything that needs to be done before my flight is all that’s on my mind.
Neither of my lists includes ‘get nervous’ or ‘start to worry about…’ so I’m not.
That being said I do feel intensely under prepared when it comes to my physical fitness. I was starting to hit the gym hard when I had my operation, and that completely threw a spanner in the works. Fortunately I got back to yoga and Capoeira pretty damn quickly, so my anaerobic fitness and my flexibility haven’t declined (although I would have preferred for them to increase). My CV fitness is going to let me down I think. Not much I can do about that now though.
Perhaps I am slightly worried in that respect, it would certainly explain why I find myself holding my breath randomly.
Thinking forward I’m predicting that I’ll be back to a good level of fitness (in comparison to my past) after two weeks. And I’ll be definitely noticing some marked improvements on that after a month and a half (half way through).
Lets see how my predictions fare :).