Visa stress (which reminds me I need to get another passport photo – Damn), China have moved the goal posts and changed the rules! The visa I have is for 60 days, but I’ll be there for three months. Originally this wasn’t going to be a problem I was going to extend my visa while I was out there – as long as this is done before it expires it’s not a problem. However now the Chinese officials have decided that in order to extend you visa you have to have a Chinese bank account with £1500 in it…. !!

Realgap have given me the documentation to try and get a 90 day ‘F’ visa…. I’m a bit dubious but I’m going to have to give it a go!
I’ll keep you posted.
I also had to re-arrange a whole load of travel insurance as well, because of the fact that I’m doing dangerous activities (Martial arts and SCUBA diving) but they’re not one after the other.
Fortunately insure-and-go sorted me out without too much bother 🙂