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This is really a post to check if I can put flickr pictures up here (preparing for the travelling in every way). I would like to wax rhapsoic in telling a story of three men in a small backgarden, united in the persuit of an image. An image unformed but in thought and word. Time melted away as we worked together until finally the above image came into life and the work was accomplished.
But I won’t

I can only talk too much about ted, here are the two most recent talks that have got my juices flowing. And in my opinion compliment each other too 🙂

If the embedded version doesn’t work, here’s a direct link

direct link again
Also if you missed the last TED video that I ‘dug’ here’s a link to that too.
That’ll give you about an hour (if you watch all three) of complete fascination.

I was in a doctors surgery, awaiting my turn (seems to be happening a lot recently) and reading one of the magazines. These are generally woman’s magazines – don’t know why, just seems to be the way things work. An article that I actually read was a book review about an ex-alcoholic wine taster…
One quote caught my eye, she said that when she gave up, she started craving sugary foods as her body had become used to getting large amounts of sugar from breaking down the alcohol that she was no longer drinking. I’ve noticed that I’ve become a lot more of a chocolate lover over the years. Before I was more of a savoury/crisp man. I’d never noticed a correlation between chocolate love and my reduced alcohol intake, but after reading that I started to wonder.
To be honest I’m not to sure that there is a correlation, my love of chocolate sprung to life when I was still drinking quite a lot at uni, but it’s still interesting to know!