Or at least this year anyway.
Friday: Went to Canterbury to visit Laura, and see Canterbury Acoustic. A night of truly fantastic music, and then after the music to the pub where we got to hang out with the performers! I found this to be slightly surreal, one minute someone is moving you deeply with their music and song, the next your chatting away, flirting even… mad. Then there was an after party at the organizers’ flat, which was also very cool and surreal 🙂
I bought the music of the two main acts, the headliner played fantastically relaxing music and to be honest it felt a little wrong that we weren’t listening to it outside with the sun setting.
Saturday: Back to Guildford as Dave and Matt were visiting, spent the afternoon chilling out watching spaced and generally not doing a great deal, which was fine. Then in the evening we fired up the BBQ, and put on the music from the night before. And yes it was playing as the sun was setting. Perfect.
Out into town after the BBQ, six friends many of which I hadn’t seen for a long time out in Guildford laughing chatting and generally having a damn good time. Superb.
Sunday: By definition this had to be a chilled out day, started with grilling some of the remaining food for breakfast and watching Top Gear and the remaining episodes of spaced. Then after Matt left myself and Dave went into town to buy tickets for speed racer and then relaxed in the sun for a few hours and had some lunch.
Speed Racer review: Definitely a kids film but we were watching it for the visuals – mind blowing. The colours were so incredibly intense there is no way of describing it. It was almost like when I tried Cannabis in Amsterdam. That was the highlight (no pun intended) of the film, so you can imagine the strength of the storyline.
Then more food, and bed. It may not sound like a stunningly good weekend, but everything just seemed right and in place, wouldn’t have changed anything… well apart from I’d have asked for the number of the girl I was chatting to in Canterbury, but other than that 🙂