I’m sure that you are interested in how much all these world travels I’m going on will cost. For those that are out of the loop it will be thus: China – Three months in a martial arts training camp, Hong Kong for a week, New Zealand for four months, Fiji for Six weeks and then at least some time in Australia (the further into the future you go the more vague my plans get).
So here is the costing, first is what I’ve already paid for:

  • China – £1800
  • Flights – £1400
  • Hong Kong Hotel – £550
  • Travel Insurance – £250
  • New Zealand first week – £500
  • Fiji Diving experience – £2300

And the Grand total is: £6800… Wow, that’s the first time I’ve totaled it all up!
I’ve still got to pay for the flight to Fiji, which will be roughly £400, then I’m expecting to drop about £1000 on Australia – plus the flight to and from Australia which I’m guessing will be in the region of £400 too. Also have to get travel insurance for Fiji, no idea how much that will be.
For those that are wondering, the reason that the week in New Zealand is so expensive is that it includes visa application, help getting work, bank account, mobile phone and generally all the things you will need to get started.