I spent last night leafing through an atlas, simply thinking ‘Ooo I could go there’. I expect this travel malarky can be addictive, in fact my housemate Anna made the bold statement that if I went travelling I wouldn’t come back…. Not likely but still 🙂

I’ve been on the phone to real gap and to a travel agent, the flight from here to china, then from china to New Zealand, then from New Zealand will cost in the region of £1500. If you ask me that is pretty damn good! It also means that if I save like crazy next year that I can probably go somewhere else too!

I’ve been tempted by Hawaii, this would make it a proper round the world trip – as in fly off in one direction and get back from the other direction. However there may be some problem with that idea as it seems that the program I was looking at may not be continuing… More when I know.

But that has given me the chance to look at Fiji instead. It’s expensive, just over £2000 for six weeks, without flights. Then again it does look amazingly appealing. Plus I’d end up with a SCUBA diving qualification!