Yesterday, as I was winding down to go to bed, I realised that I couldn’t find my keys. After a quick ‘bloke look’ (check all visible surfaces without moving anything) I still coud not find them. Being not overly worried and quite tired, I gave up and went to bed.
The next morning, this morning, I remembered the lack of keys. I was kind of hoping that someone would be in when I got back home so I carried on as normal. Then, just as I was about to leave I remembered. On the previous day (yesterday) I’d used my penknife scissors to trim my nails, then thrown it, with the attached keys in the general direction of jeans pocket. I’d missed.
Running back upstairs I searched through the pile of clothes where my jeans had been. Sure enough I found my keys. Marveling at the brain and it’s ability to solve problems over time, I left for work.