One “Weekend” (quotes as it was actually Sunday to Wednesday) in Cambridge and my good record so far is obliterated. This will be the last because I’ve lost count of which day I’m actually on (and also I go on holiday tomorrow and I’m hoping I can get by without spending anything for one day).

Day – the rest
Cambridge birthday celebrations – £306.33
– Cash withdrawals £130
– Cocktail round £10.65
– Lunch £25.00
– Birthday present £34.90
– Petrol fillup £44.83 (probably the only ‘essential’ one)
– ‘Accidental’ DVD purchase £60.95

Plus other expenditures that have yet to be accounted for:
Art supplies £1.99 (non-essential)
Maltese currency £49.96 (essential)
Cash withdrawal (for various nights out and other things) £30
Stuff for ‘cool’ cocktails (vodka-martini) £3.47
Tesco shopping £36.98 (essential)

Even worse, today I have to take my car to the garage 😦

Total – £1447.00 (£968.96 – 67% essential)

Ouch, I may add on the garage costs this afternoon to increase that percentage a bit.