So yesterday me Wii finally arrived! Unfortunately I couldn’t unpack it and play with it immediately as I was driving to my parents for Christmas. Still a few extra hours on top of the ten days I’d already been waiting is not problem.
Shall I turn this post in a kind of mini review? Well why not.
Firstly, some people that I read about seemed to have problems with the packaging. The only assumption I can draw from this is that they are fecking retards. Pull the ‘draw’ with the ‘1’ on it first, and the one with ‘2’ on it second. It couldn’t get any simpler.
So far the inclusive and fun nature of the contol method has been very obvious, playing any kind of computer game with my parents is rare (unless it’s Su doku or freecell or something like that). So playing Wii sports for an hour and a half gives you an idea of how fun and simple the games are.
We tried out tennis (the best in my opinion), golf and bowling. Strangly the score I got for the virtual bowling was pretty close to the kind of score that I would get at a real bowling alley, a bit higher but pretty close. Which goes to show how well the controls have been implemented. Golf was a bit of a simplistic affair with the strenght of your swing being the only real factor. This doesn’t bother me as it’s a compilation game and I think there is a ‘proper’ golf game coming out at some point. Tennis was cool, and the only game I’ve played so far that didn’t need you to use any buttons (a plus in my book).
One thing that I have noticed is that the ‘point and shoot’ mechanism for the menu, and for some of the other games (in Wii play and in Zelda) seems to be very slightly laggy. Admitedly I’ve not played Zelda yet, but it is noticable in menus and in the shooting games. Even my Dad was complaining about a delay. However it doesn’t take long at all to adapt to it and as I know how the pointing system works I’ve got no problem with it – basically I know it’s pretty hard from a software/hardware point of view.

Rob rating: Money well spent.