Saturday afternoon is the time, my living room is the setting, the company is my housemate Dave. The time has come. The hangover from the night before has subsided to acceptable levels and we both have 4 pills and a pint of water. The time has come.

The pills in question are Dionysos (mentioned before) and we’re both taking a full dose. The effects reportedly take forty five minutes to an hour to kick in (or one shower in some parts). We swallow them down, personally I felt a bit silly, like it was still ‘wrong’ in some way. Certainly not like taking vitamin pills that’s for sure!
About an hour later the nausea hits Dave, I’m affected about 15 minutes later. Fortunately it’s not to heavy, in the grand scheme of things, just rather unpleasant.
After about two hours our extreme Englishness kicks in:
“Ooo, I don’t like this….. Cup of tea?” Says Dave
Immediately this is an excellent idea, tea and biscuits. Much better.

And that was it. I felt nothing other than slightly ill, Dave reported feeling slightly ill and ‘a bit spaced out’.

The only possible way that these pills were ‘mind broadening’ is the appreciation for simple things we gained through the experience. Simple things like fresh air, tea and biscuits, and a comfortable sofa. A bit disappointing for £10, but to an extent I was expecting that. It’s unlikely that I’ll find my ‘ideal drug’ first time out.

I just wish it had been a bit less crap.