So, before I recount the experiences of the first trial I’ll tell you what I got and from where. In order of strength (from what I can tell) I have Dionysos (no idea how to pronounce that), Purple Ohms and 1 gram of 5x Salvia standardized extract. It seems that I made a bit of a mistake with the Salvia as it seems that the stuff I have is intended to be smoked. I should have gone for a tincture. Haven’t decided what to do about this.

Anyway, the Dionysos is the first one I tried last night. As I said in my last post, the recommended dose is 3-4 capsules, I started with one. There did seem to be an effect, it can only be described as rather mild… heartburn.

Could just have had heartburn I suppose, I had had a very unhealthy lunch. I was laughing an awful lot during the experience but that was simply due to and excellent episode of extras. I even took the risk of trying a second one. This too didn’t seem to have any effect. Next weekend I think I’ll try a full four, but I really don’t expect anything to happen.
I already had my suspicions when I ordered these ‘Herbal highs’ and the fact that this Dionysos is described as ‘dietary supplement’ as well as ‘mind broadening’ really didn’t help my doubt.

The ingredients are Morning Glory, Guarana and Baby Woodrose. I intend to do a bit of research into these and get back to you, loyal reader 🙂